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Energy Required to Heat Air

Recently I came across this requirement of calculating heat required to heat air (for AHU), I came across two simplified formulas, as follows.

Please also note the learning from this workout at the bottom!



for delta T, Centigrade vs Fahrenheit are different!

I was thinking, as long as its Delta (Difference between two temperature), °F and °C doesn’t matter! I was WRONG… See following example

Raise temperature of air from 10 °C to 110°C, Temperature difference is 100°C

Where as in Fahrenheit, its 50°F (10°C) to 230°F (110°C) i,e difference is 180°F!


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Welcome to My Blog : Its All About mechanical Engineering

Welcome to my Blog!

The whole purpose of this blog is to share my know how, that I’ve gain over the year in diffrent industries, those I get exposed to! I’ve worked across the cross-section of Mechanical industry, from Oil and gas to Food & Beverages to Filtration.

I’ll be sharing my Design know-how in process, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, Industries and for sure my experience.

In my way down the lane I’ve also developed lots of tools using Visual basics, Excel etc… and i’ll be sharing some teaser too for your view, and if anyone want any help, please don’t hesitate to ask for that. do Ping me.

you can also visit my another blog http://sumitwaghmare.blogspot.com/, this blog is all about mechanical engineers, which finally i like to merge with WordPress.

Do visit for more updates.

Next, I’ll be sharing some intresting insight i got when i tried to compare international codes for Pressure vessels.

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