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TEMA Shell & Tube Heatexchanger Checklist

Few of Post Follower has asked me for more help on TEMA design, Though I can’t give a ‘Ready made’ Solution as its against principle of teaching something 😉

A small checklist attached below will definitely help for mechanical design of
Shell and Tube heat exchanger as per TEMA

(PS: if some one able to break the password of the sheet, please let me know 🙂



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Heat Exchanger Design: Step 3: Know The Properties

Once we decide which type of heat exchanger need to be used, the Next step is to know properties of the fluids on both side.

These properties will help in finding the heat duty (next step), over all heat transfer Co efficient for the heat exchanger, also pressure drop.

Following properties are necessary for basic design of heat exchangers.
1. Density
2. Viscosity
3. Specific Heat capacity.
4. Operating temperature (inlet and outlet condition)#

# you must be knowing Atleast three temperatures out of four.

Next step will be to find heat duty of heat exchanger.

keep reading.

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